I recently came up with the idea of adding an octave and a boost to my ProCo Rat to achieve an EQD Life Pedal type modification within its own enclosure.

So I opened up my ProCo Rat pedal, had a good look inside and decided there was enough room to add a few extra components and, if I removed the battery compartment, I could even fit an entire extra circuit board in there.

For those who don’t know The Zero Fret and the pedals that I make, I have a few that are different variations of the circuits inside the Life Pedal. Two of which, Legion and Kaiju are made using the exact same circuit board. This board contains a type of Dan Armstrong Green Ringer style octave circuit and a simple transistor boost. – I decided to populate a board and start wiring it in to the Rat enclosure.

After fumbling my way around for a little while, tracing the Rat’s wiring and intercepting it with my own, I finally completed the mod. I fired up the pedal and it sounded incredible.

The end result is a ProCo Rat distortion pedal that has an added blendable octave circuit, an always on transistor boost.

I also added a clipping diode switch to toggle between silicone to LED clipping.

For future mods, I will add a 3 way switch for op amp, symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping.

I even swapped out the ridiculous DC socket for an industry standard BOSS sized one to enable me to power the Rat using the same power supply as the rest of my pedals.

If you are interested in having this mod done on your own Rat, get in touch. Message me in here or Instagram and we can sort it out together.